Today is the first day since Mom’s current round of troubles that she has gotten to see her primary doctor in Houston Dr. Frumovitz.  He is the lead of the team treating Mom and we got to see him today in his consultation office for a good 20 – 30 minutes.  Mom and I had lots of questions for him and after he explained the extend of Mom’s current illness was happy to answer them all.  He confirmed that this was the same cancer she had before and that “it is most likely not curable”.  Mom asked him which areas is he most concerned about and he said the lungs and liver and said neither were viable for further radiation treatments just the chemotherapy to try and control them.

He is referring Mom to Dr. Broussard in Lake Charles for the chemotherapy but the plan is not finalized as Mom asked a question that may affect the treatment plan.  Mom was persistent in asking Dr. Frumovitz for a length of time “she has left”.  He reluctantly gave us the average of what he would expect 1000 of his patients with this type and progression of cancer to experience with and without chemotherapy.  Mom now has the decision to make balancing quality vs. quantity of life.  He recommends chemo but said “You won’t get a fight from me if you decide against it”.    He also cancelled the spine MRI that was scheduled this afternoon as the results of whether there was anything in the bone would not affect the recommended course of action.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and we’ll be home tomorrow evening though Monday to return for Mom’s last week of full-brain radiation treatments that will shrink greatly if not totally remove the lesions from the brain.