We are back in Houston ready for the home stretch of Mom’s full-brain radiation treatments.  She had a great time in Fort Worth over the weekend with Traci and the kids.  She got to watch Sam’s basketball game, get a pedicure / spa day, watch Sam and Abigail get baptized, and do a little shopping and eating.  All in all I would say the weekend was a success from what I hear about it.  We got back today just in time for Mom’s 6th treatment meaning she is over halfway done with the 10 radiation treatments. Mom also received a Z-Pak for a sinus infection that had been bothering her to no end and that has helped with her overall discomfort greatly.

Tomorrow will be a nice day of rest as we have nothing until late in the afternoon other than calling and lining-up paperwork for Mom’s leave of absence paper work and possible chemotherapy papers transferred to Lake Charles.  Feel free to give her a call and just catch up as she’s feeling fairly well other than tired right now.  Also don’t forget to check her schedule on this website to see when she’ll be unavailable to talk.

We’ll be back in Sulphur for the foreseeable future Friday only returning to Houston for future follow-up visits.