Only 2 more treatments left!  I would call Kelli’s visit today a complete success as Mom had another woman around to pal around with.  We were pleasantly surprised when Mom wanted to come when I was going to go up to the hospital way early to show Kelli around and we ended up being treated like royalty.  After doing the tour of all the major parts of the different buildings at MD Anderson and bringing Kelli through a day in the life of a cancer patient, Mom decided to go ahead and try to see if she could get in right away to her doctor appointment and also to her treatment.  We were hours early but everywhere we went took mother in pretty much right away and changed the schedule to accommodate as if there was no problem at all in doing so.

We had barely sat down when Dr. Jhingran’s nurse called Mom back and as soon as we finished answering the nurse’s questions the Dr. herself was in there.  All this in a matter of 5 minutes after showing up over 2 hours early for an appointment.   Dr. Jhingran asked Mom how she was tolerating her radiation and informed us how to taper Mom off of her steroids now as we wind down the treatments.  She also prescribed Mom more antibiotics to further treat Mom’s stubborn upper respiratory infection.  Dr. Jhingran also let Mom know she agrees with her decision to try the chemo because “everyone responds differently to treatment and you never know”.

On our way out of her office the she called the treatment team and told them to fit Mom in ASAP since Mom was already in the building.  Within 15 minutes Mom was getting her radiation treatment a full 3 hours early.  We were back at the hotel by 2:30 and Mom got to rest the remainder of the day.

See you guys this weekend.