Currently we are in one of the “dips” on the current bumpy road we’re traveling.  Mom’s radiation treatments are taking their toll on her physically and when you’re not feeling well it’s easy to not feel the best emotionally either.  I’ve been around this disease enough to know these days are expected and tend to be followed by another good day so patience and understanding are both needed during these troughs.  Not saying I’m always good at these two things but at least I recognize what’s needed and I try.  This is the first day that the expected dizziness and nausea that the radiation oncologist and techs are constantly asking about has shown itself.  Safe to say she has felt better.

We are currently waiting for her to have her second to last treatment and she will be attempting to move up her treatment time from 3:30 to an earlier appointment to allow us to be in town sooner and also to allow us to not have a huge gap between hotel checkout and treatment.

In other news we have the needed paperwork signed by the doctor and in hand for Mom’s leave from work and we have the dates set for Mom’s chemo treatments back home by Dr. Broussard.  She goes for blood work on the 27th and then for an initial visit with Dr. Broussard on the 30th.  Specific dates and times are on the schedule page.