It’s been a while since the last update but that’s mostly due to the fact not much has changed.  I say not much other than that little thing of most of Mom’s hair falling out.  The radiation to her brain took it’s toll finally on her perpetually done-up hairdo.   She has some head covers and even a couple wigs but due to the radiation also have given her a nasty sunburn on her scalp, she mostly leaves her head uncovered these days.   If you come to visit be prepared for her new Sinead O’Conner-esque look.

Mom had her very first visit with Dr. Broussard, whom she likes very much, today and this is what she has told me as I could not be with her and a friend brought her.  The first treatment is this coming Wednesday (Feb. 5 2014) and she will have a single treatment once every 3 weeks.  There will be an evaluation after each treatment to see how Mother’s spirit and body are dealing with the chemo.   The chemotherapy is being done to try and lengthen life and slow the progress of the disease, it is not a cure and the doctor made that clear.  Each treatment will take about half a day of being hooked up to an IV and Mom already has transportation to her first one.

The disease does look to be progressing as Mom is in more pain in her chest and back than ever before even though the headaches are better.  She also tires easily and gets short of breath.

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming.

P.S. If you’re looking to help she really likes the cracklings from the Sausage Link and Little Debbie Marshmallow Pies.  She’s going to kill me for putting this in but we have to keep her eating and her weight up so bring it on!  Love you Mom!!